Everything was done quicker than Rich expected and it all looks better than we could have hoped for! Thanks again, I know who to ask for next time :)

Erica, Hull resident.

What we can't make isn’t worth making.

Call, discuss options and we'll visit your home.

Let's see what’s best for you over the phone, then in person. We'll build on your ideas or create something new.

We get started on the best solution for your bedroom.

Efficient from start to end. Costs upfront. Clean. Fast. Friendly :)

Your bedroom is ready to go, time to relax.

Whether it's just a bedside table or a whole redesign, we'll make it right for you.

Thank you for being so kind and considerate while you were here. Love my walk in wardrobe. I've wanted one for too long! Won't hesitate to recommend you guys!

Stevie, Cottingham resident.

Bedroom questions we get asked

  • How long do bedroom changes take?

    Anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

    A lot of bedroom work can be taken from idea to installation with a couple of days. Something a little more bespoke like a walk in wardrobe could take longer depending on the size and requirements. Unlike bathrooms and kitchens, there’s less safety issues to consider so we can change your bedroom in really good time.

  • Where does the furniture come from?

    We make everything in our workshop.

    Everything is handmade by one of the team in our workshop. By making everything ourselves, we can guarantee the quality of the materials and craftmanship of what we produce for you.

  • Will you help me pick something?


    We're more than happy to discuss what will work best with what you want to achieve for your bedroom. Often what happens is, you tell us what you're trying to achieve and we give you a few options on how to best go about getting that result. We just act as advisors in the process so the result is you getting what you want.

Ready to make a change?

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