Kitchens are one of our first loves here at Galaxy Interiors. The kitchen is such an integral part of a property. We want our clients to have as close to their vision of perfect as possible. As a result, we offer a range of kitchen services.

Firstly is fitting pre bought or ‘fitted kitchens’. Generally, you would find the type of kitchen you want in a brochure or online. You simply purchase the kitchen of choice and we can come and fit your kitchen for you. Please get in touch with us before buying the pre bought kitchen. This allows us to come and measure your current room and see how everything would work and fit. Plenty of people buy these without actually speaking to the installer that will be doing the work! It’s all good being the supplier, but the fitter is the room dimensions to put together the kitchen as seamlessly as the company photographs the kitchen you’re buying.

The second kitchen fitting service we provide is a bespoke design and installations.

We can go through every single facet of the kitchen and see how you best want to turn your kitchen into your dream home. This goes for the tiling, the kitchen countertops, your lighting, down to every single last detail, like your sink or extractor fan.

We’re happy to work with you on picking out the parts of the kitchen that you want to be custom. All the while, we will tell you how it would work functionally speaking and make sure you stay within budget.

Mostly, we carry out bathroom fitter tasks in Hull as this is what we are largely known for. So although we ARE kitchen fitters, this generally isn’t our reputation throughout the area. Please don’t let that put you off as we are changing this. More and more homeowners are getting ‘Galaxy’ kitchens which they adore. As we are known for our bathroom fitting service, we want the same for out kitchen fitting service and are certain we will get to this point.

Still feel free to call us if you need a bathroom fitter, especially if you need someone that can do the plumbing for your home. Much like kitchens, our bathroom fitters can take care of just about everything related to a bathroom problem you might have. Occasionally, we personally might not be able to help, but serving the area for so long has helped us build up a respectable contacts list where we can put you in touch with someone that can solve your problem!