New kitchen in Hull

Choosing a New Kitchen is Fun!

The heartbeat of your home. The cosy, clement, aromatic kitchen that brings friends and family together. Our kitchens have doubled in size since the 1920s and we spend more time relaxing and socialising in our kitchens than...

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New kitchen installation

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Are you looking to update your kitchen? It may be that your kitchen is not particularly old, but cupboard hinges are coming loose, paint is wearing out and...

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New bathroom installation

Utilising Space - Making a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Everyone loves open, spacious rooms where we can go about business without feeling cramped or claustrophobic – particularly in the case of bathrooms, small rooms that don’t utilise the space well can feel particularly restrictive. With the right approach...

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bathroom showrooms in Hull

5 Benefits of having a Bathroom Showroom in Hull

We've had a showroom in Hull for ages now. It's actually under the name of 'Guildford Joinery' - you might have seen it. It's really beneficial to have because some people want to see bathroom materials in person. They want to see what you have in the flesh and touch it etc. Showrooms make for a great tool for other bathroom fitters like us...

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bathroom fitters in Hull

Training: How Do I Become A Bathroom Fitter?

Plenty of colleges are not going to teach you how to become a bathroom fitter. This is because bathroom fitters have multiple skills that you would need to require taking many courses on that would take a lot of time...

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kitchen fitters in Hull

How to Always Get Bathroom and Kitchen Fitting Recommendations

These are some general guidelines and tips on how to get your customers screaming and shouting about you so that you can bring in some referral work. There’s actionable tips and ideas you can bring to your next job, You should already be doing most if not all of them so hopefully this acts...

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fitted bathroom in Hull

Finding Bathroom Fitters in Hull Used to Be Hard…

If you’ve struggled to find good bathrooms fitter Hull - I feel your pain. The pain of fitters not showing up, the pain of fitters doing a rubbish job, the pain of a fitter not finishing the job. Yep, we’ve been there. A lot. You want to get a new bathroom hassle free by someone that won’t mess you around, won’t show up late...

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fitted kitchen in Hull

The Top 6 Qualities of Kitchen Fitters

Being honest is the only way to be if you want to be great at this job. If you’re honest you won’t get yourself into trouble and mess up the whole operation. Be honest about…

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