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Choosing a New Kitchen is Fun!

The heartbeat of your home. The cosy, clement, aromatic kitchen that brings friends and family together. Our kitchens have doubled in size since the 1920s and we spend more time relaxing and socialising in our kitchens than our sitting rooms. With contemporary kitchens becoming increasingly more beautiful and stylish, the opportunity of creating your own unique kitchen is no longer just a tantalising dream. A kitchen complete with all your chosen appliances, accessories, colour schemes and finishes on your cabinets and worktops is within your grasp. With your own style and creative design features included in your new kitchen, cooking and entertaining has never been as simple or enjoyable. Your chance to design a fully, tailor made, functional kitchen to suit your taste and individuality ensures that it looks and works perfectly for you and your family.

It's right that you should take this seriously. A new kitchen, or any other room for that matter, is a big commitment that certainly takes time, care and attention. But, put the serious stuff aside for a second. The options you have at your fingertips and simply huge! While the number of options available might seem intimidating, that’s where we come in. Your kitchen fitter will help you to choose your colours, materials and appliances and fit your perfect kitchen.

Time to get creative! This part should be fun. The design process is an opportunity, a chance to explore the many options in order to find something that you’ll be comfortable. While most kitchens are pre-designed, you still have options to customise and find something that suits you. Going for a completely bespoke, top-to-bottom custom kitchen with a designer is of course up to you but will come with a price tag to match. With our outstanding track record or kitchen fitting in Hull, we give you the best balance between choosing things to make it unique, while not having the excessive price tag.

You choose:
Kitchen units made to measure - Work Tops – your choice of material is important. Your work tops will certainly have to work hard over the years, and are the most subject to wear. You need something strong that will retain its quality for a long time. All our worktops are made to last, to resist wear as much as possible, as long as you're careful. You’ll be able to choose from solid wood, formica, granite/stone. You can choose splash back tiles to either match, or to complement your work tops.

Kitchen Appliances – Some insist on keeping their old appliances, but if going for a new kitchen, make sure your old appliances aren’t going to spoil the effect of going new. You’ll have to be careful when it comes to measuring. Especially if you’ve got an older kitchen, the appliances may not be comfortable sizes for our new kitchens. If this is the case, we’ll advise you on what’s best to do. You’ll have to consider whether to replace any of the following: your oven, microwave, coffee machine, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and warming drawers.

Kitchen sink – This is personal preference. Some prefer metal, some prefer ceramics. Whichever you choose, we guarantee you’ll be happy with it.

Kitchen Accessories – Beyond the kitchen itself, consider your current accessories; pots and pans, utensils, crockery etc. How would they look in your new kitchen? Do the styles all match? If you have a standalone bin, what colour is it?

Kitchen table and chairs – Will they still fit in nicely? Do they match the colour of the worktops? The place where you’ll be eating your meals or drinking your morning coffee needs to be somewhere where everyone is comfortable.

Don’t forget to consider your lighting options. You want to make sure your new kitchen is nice and bright to add to the warmth of the room. Spotlights are a great modern lighting option to ensure brightness and maximise the feeling of space.

Tasteful fixtures, fittings and any soft furnishings will lend themselves to your kitchen as a finishing touch for you to sit and relax with your favourite people at the end of a long day. Never have kitchens been so affordable, while still giving you the flexibility to best showcase your personality. Enjoy the process, take into account all these various considerations, and you’ll be on your way to a new kitchen that you’ll be proud of stepping into for many years to come.

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