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If you’ve struggled to find good bathroom fitters in Hull - I feel your pain.

The pain of fitters not showing up, the pain of fitters doing a rubbish job, the pain of a fitter not finishing the job.

Yep, we’ve been there. A lot.

You want to get a new bathroom hassle free by someone that won’t mess you around, won’t show up late and can get the job done brilliantly.


When you create great work, you get great recommendations. This happened to us over the years as we always deliver.

This means that you can’t take on every bathroom job yourself so you have to give out responsibility to other fitters so that they can take care of the job.

Just like if a fitting company did a bad job on your home, we’ve been let down over and over.

In fact, we’ve hired endless carpenters, fitters, labourers and plumbers over the years to do jobs or part of jobs and most haven’t been up to standard.

Up to standard means you have excellent skills, you always show up when you’re meant to, you’re clean and you’re friendly.

What you need for a new bathroom

Having a whole new bathroom is made up of several key components. Multiple skills and sometimes tradesman are needed within the process of fitting out a new bathroom. These can include:

  • Building skills for fitting windows and structural work
  • A carpenter/joiner for anything wood related.
  • A plumber for anything related to the boiler and drainage.
  • A tiler for the walls and floor.
  • An electrician to install lighting and underfloor heating.

The task is simple if you have brilliant tradesman working together. The process should be straightforward.

We’ve taken the hit

As you can see, the bathroom should be put together by various specialists. Each person should be brilliant at their jobs and easily be able to complete their tasks to a high standard.

If you’ve had a bad experience before, you’ll know that simple tasks can be made difficult if the wrong people are involved.

Over the years we’ve really taken the hit with bad workers and had to work twice as hard to correct any mistakes or wrong doings by people we’ve tried to hire for the company, all within Hull.

Usually damage can be overturned by apologising and making up for it to the customer through fixing the issue and overdelivering in other avenues.

The Team Now / the problem solved

It’s not common to admit you’ve had bad workers within your company.

We didn’t really want to do this, but we wanted to share with customers that, yes, there can be bad work done within this industry. We totally know this and understand this as it happens to us more than it does to homeowners! We’ve worked really hard and taken plenty of hits along the way to rectify this for Galaxy and to make sure that we don’t put a service like this back into the society of Hull.

Now that we’ve taken the hit of going through bad bathroom fitters, plumbers and electricians etc. in Hull, we have a really solid team of guys that are great at carrying out what they’re meant to do at a great standard.

You have to get through the bad to get to the good and we’ve now established a great team that we and you can rely on.

We have brilliant gas safe registered plumbers, electricians, plasterers, suppliers etc. and everyone pulls their weight when we get involved in any job.

Of course, everyone can make mistakes, but we’re in the business of improving homes, so we know that all mistakes have to be rectified and you have to have a great experience.

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