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We can’t speak for other companies but we can give you an idea of how we price a bathroom installation we would undertake in Hull. Here at Bathroom fitters Hull we do things in different ways but we find being honest, flexible and working to your standards is the best way forward.

The easiest way to find out how we price a bathroom job is to simply call us. We’re local to the area and really friendly if you want to chat about what you can do about your bathroom to improve your home.

Anyway the way we generally look to price a job is… How much work is there to be done by the team? What are the materials being used for the job? These are the two deciding factors on the price we provide our customer.

The Numbers

We provide a wide range of bathroom work so the numbers vary.

Whether you need a really small bathroom refurbishment or a large stylish bathroom redesign, we can take care of everything as we’ve carried out all this work loads of times before.

Numbers for a small refurb can be as low as £1,000 and we’ve done bathroom jobs for well over £10,000. The small refurb might be relatively small in terms of hours and materials but a great result can still be achieved.

Larger costing jobs often require more planning and custom designing to achieve the desired effect of what you want to go for.


There’s so many elements you can add to a bathroom. Think about this…

  • The type of toilet/shower/bath you choose… a lot of variations here.
  • The lighting effect you want to achieve. Want to be able to dim your lights?
  • Want underfloor heating? There’s all sorts you can go for.
  • What’s the style you want to go for? Classic? Modern?
  • Do you want extras? How about a heated towel hanger?
  • How about the colours… Tiles, flooring, doors and ceiling are all considerations here.
  • You can use storage space in multiple ways.

These are just some general examples of the many features and considerations for your bathroom. The choices are literally endless.

Cost Vs. Quality

Rock bottom prices aren’t something we do around here. Frankly, you should avoid rock bottom prices like the plague because it only costs you in the long run. Getting the job done right the first time is really important.

It’s easy to go with the cheapest person that comes along as they make you believe they can create the bathroom you want for a price that beats out all the others you’ve been given. We’ve met plenty of firms like this in and around Hull. Avoid them!

The last thing you need is half a job with corners being cut and problems arising later on that year, month or god forbid that week. You get what you pay for in this business like you do with most industries. You don’t pay the price of a Skoda and expect a Ferrari to be parked on your driveway.

Another thing cowboy fitters do is to start at a cheap price and spring unexpected costs on you after you’re already committed to having the work done by them.

We won’t do this. All costs and potential costs are discussed before starting the job to the absolute best of our ability. Of course, there can be exceptions, but this really is an exception.

Another reason we don’t do rock bottom prices is because we use high quality materials and have high quality workmanship. In ‘finding bathroom fitters can be hard’ we spoke about the difficulties we’ve been through building up a strong network of workers. Tried and tested professionals that guarantee great work costs a bit more than just any fitting service company.

Something More Special

We’re also a great choice for anyone that wants something a bit more ‘special’. As you can tell by our website, a lot of the bathrooms we create aren’t just like any other bathrooms. And not just any builder, fitter or plumber can create these types of rooms either. It requires a great team that are able to add custom innovative designs using stellar materials.

With us, you can get just about anything within your bathroom. The options are endless and we can create a masterpiece of your restroom.

After all, we believe refreshing should be a refreshing experience. Not a pitstop you want to get in and out from. A room that is a pleasure to be in every single time, tailored to what you want and need.

If you’re in and around Hull, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to chat about bathrooms with you! Or feel free to check us out on Free Index.

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