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All businesses need referrals, recommendations and repeat work to stay in business.

These are some general guidelines and tips on how to get your customers screaming and shouting about you so that you can bring in some referral work. There’s actionable tips and ideas you can bring to your next job, You should already be doing most if not all of them so hopefully this acts as a reminder to all you professionals.

If you’re new to the fitting world, the article will show you some great ways that you can increase customer satisfaction. The more satisfied your customer is with what you do, the more likely they are going to want to talk about your services. The customer will also be more likely to use your services again in the future if you provide a highly valuable service and the customer ends up being really happy with it.

The article doesn’t just refer to whole bathroom or kitchen fittings either, it can apply to simple repair jobs and show you how to go the extra mile and keep you in the mind of people who need your services in the future… For example when people think of kitchen or bathroom fitters , we want them to think of Galaxy Interiors.

Provide Unbelievable Value For Money

To get anything in this life, you really need to be a giver. No one helps/likes/hires/employs/pays a taker. People only like givers.

To provide unbelievable value for money (which WILL want people to use your services again + recommend you to their friends), you’re going to have to give more than you get.

This doesn’t mean offering the lowest price

It means giving more, not asking for less. Give more than you ask for.

You can still ask for a high price os as long as yo’s you can outmatch the cost with a brilliant service and your customer is left saying “that was worth every single penny and every single pound invested”.

Here’s a short list of ways you can try and outmatch value compared to the price you’ve asked for.

  • Be experienced. You can solve any issue that arises efficiently.
  • Have brilliant levels of workmanship. So, if your customer wants something extra special in their kitchen, you aren’t flapping and know exactly how to execute.
  • Have someone that doesn’t know a lot about bathrooms or kitchens saying what you do looks incredible.
  • Be on time. You can’t be late everyday and charge high prices.- Be immaculately clean.
  • Be a great person to be around.
  • Use high quality materials.
  • Complete work in the timeframe you offered.

If you can do all of these things and then some, there’s no way people won’t think you’re brilliant value for money.

Complete Great Work

Ideally, you want your customer to way “Wow!” After you complete a project. Especially if you’re fitting a brand new bathroom or kitchen. Everything should be so clean and perfect that the customer is dazzled when all the dust sheets are taken away and the room is ready to be presented.

You won’t ever get referrals if the work you complete isn’t really really great. People will expect this as a standard if they’re forking out several thousand pounds for a brand new room in their home. Anything short of great and you can forget about a recommendation.

Complete is a key word here. A lot of bathroom and kitchen fitters like to do half a job. A job isn’t completed until you’ve done everything you’ve said you’ll do, the customer is satisfied and the bathroom or kitchen you’ve left is totally clean.

Everything needs a good finish. This means the plasterer needs to keep the wall even, the electrician needs to make sure any wiring isn’t loose and the plumber needs to check everything and ensure it’s working as it should be. You’ll be embarrassed if you’re called out the next day to finish the half job you started. It might make the customer think you were cutting corners throughout the whole process and leave a bitter taste in their mouth (even if you didn’t cut corners on purpose).

Make sure that all the work you and your close team complete is great. Then remember that It’s your responsibility to coordinate the operation and to make sure the other contractors work is also great.

Remember, this part is basically expected of you.

Be Extremely Clean

No one is going to recommend you to their friends if you trash their house or rooms. A referral is basically a reflection of the person that refers you so they definitely don’t want to wreck their other friends’ houses.

Make sure to put up dust sheets and move any furniture that could get ruined by your work. Simply buy dust sheets from amazon if you don’t have any. They don’t cost a lot and they could save you a lot of headache and problems moving forward.

Also, be clean yourself. Don’t ever present yourself as dirty or careless otherwise people will associate that with the work you’ve been doing for them (even if it isn’t). From the moment you meet the potential customer for a quote to the day you wrap up the job, be presentable. No one ever looked at a dirty person and thought “they really made an effort today!”

Understand What Your Really Customer Wants

Yes, most of what your customer wants is going to be a combination of this list. No one is going to recommend you if you complete a shoddy job or if you leave the place looking like a rubbish site. So, you should look to try and perform all of the items on this list to a really good degree.

However, a lot of customers might have one particular thing they want more than any other for their new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. For example, they might be really particular about detail. If we had a client that was really particular about detail, design and fancy finishing, I’d make sure to throw in some complementary elements that match this desire. Let’s say the customer has selected a particular style of bathroom with a certain type of taps, handles and those ind of accessories. When it comes closer to fitting these parts of a bathroom, you could show them higher end taps/railings/handles etc. that suit the style of the bathroom but within the agreed initial cost.

Your customer gets an improved product as you’re directly improving something they care about most. They also have better feelings about you as you’ve recognised what’s important to them and gone out of your way to do this for them.

It’s important to recognise what’s important for the customer as you could invest a load of effort into something that the customer barely cares about. This leads to somewhat wasted energy or money on your end without customer satisfaction even increasing.

If you really have no idea what your customer might want, you could always ask them if you can do anything extra for them as you’re moving through the process.

Be SOMEONE People Want to Recommend

If your work is great but your character is nasty, no one will want to recommend YOU. Bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting and bedroom fitting can be as much about you as the work you’re providing. There are multiple factors in bringing in a recommendation. If you complete great work but are a pest to work with, you probably aren’t going to get the recommendation. You’re taking up people’s space and time, so you need to do this in a pleasant way.

Be courteous. Remember your pleases and thank you’s. Not doing so will really wind some people up as you will make them feel under appreciated.

Be kind and pleasant. Treat the customer well. You’re in their space and they deserve a fitter that’s going to treat them kindly and with respect.

Act appropriately. Sure, have a laugh with your customer, but make sure to not overstep the mark and allow them to set these boundaries.

Don’t blast out music. Definitely ask before playing music or listening to the radio. Most people will be more than fine for you to have some music on in the background as long as it’s not obscenely loud. They will appreciate it even more if you ask before you start listening to something.

Just be a good person and this will shine through the majority of the time. Don’t be awkward to cooperate with!

Become Well Known in Your Area

Reputation goes a long way in any business. People are going to need to know you to employ your services. Help as many people as you can and you’ll become known as the ‘bathroom fitter in Hull or maybe ‘the plumber in Peterborough’. If someone recommends your services and they already know of you as being a good person who delivers good work, you’ve given the person who needs a new kitchen two reasons to pick you!

We’re based in Hull and have our own showroom too. Come and visit us at 65 New Cleveland Street, Hull. A showroom is a great way of getting yourself out there and in front of people to show that you’re real, have materials and experience in the industry.

Getting a job through recommendation becomes easier if 1) The person already knows of you as being a kitchen fitter, 2) They’ve seen your showroom and know you’re legit for sure 3) A friend says you’ve provided a great service for them before.

A showroom obviously isn’t essential, but it might help to bring in new customers.

Wrapping up

Those should be some good tips for now. We might revisit this piece in the future and provide more tips on ways you can provide more customer satisfaction and increase the chance of people recommending you to their friends and people you know.

As usual, if you need a bathroom fitter or a kitchen fitter in Hull, we totally stand by our service and believe in what we do, so we recommend ourselves to you!

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