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Utilising Space - Making a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Everyone loves open, spacious rooms where we can go about business without feeling cramped or claustrophobic – particularly in the case of bathrooms, small rooms that don’t utilise the space well can feel particularly restrictive. With the right approach, even smaller bathrooms can give the impression that they’re more spacious, as long as you follow some key points in your bathroom design. Here at bathroom fitters Hull, we’ll help in the design process to help best utilise the space available. Here are some important design concepts that will go a long way to making your bathroom look and feel clear, spacious and luxury. A lot of these concepts apply to any room; whether you’re getting a new kitchen fitted, or a new bathroom, or trying to maximise the feeling of space virtually anywhere. However, they are particularly important in a bathroom due to the nature of having to include certain elements in fixed positions – toilet, bath/shower, sink etc.

When you want help from a bathroom designer in Hull, make sure they know what they’re talking about when it comes to maximising the usage of space!

Use a uniform, bright, colour scheme
There is a reason why most modern bathrooms tend towards a minimalist colour scheme with little or no contrast between various features. Whites, creams and beiges are common choices, as they work best with the lighting to maintain a bright and vibrant feel. Mixing dark and light is a definite no; you can find plenty of examples online where bathrooms have attempted to use various splashes of darker or prominent colours which immediately cuts through the space and gives a more cramped feel. There is no real need for this attempt at decoration in a bathroom – colour contrast needs to be very subtle to not overwhelm the senses – stick to the bright, uniform colours and your brain won’t be overloaded trying to make sense of various colours. Paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls will help keep the visual uniform.

Use clear glass for the shower
For walk in showers, a beautiful clear glass door keeps the visual more continuous, as opposed to an opaque door that breaks up the flow of the room. Not everyone wants to completely clear shower door where they may feel like the need for more privacy, and textured glass can be a nice middle ground. For bathrooms that have a shower in the bath tub, a glass pane works well for the same reasons above.

Use large mirrors
Large mirrors are an excellent tool to create the feeling of space. They provide depth and give the impression that the room is much bigger than it is. Given that they reflect light, large mirrors can also help magnify the overall brightness. Mirrors placed opposite can give the illusion of infinite depth! As with anything, this must be done strategically and not for the sake of it.

Minimise cabinets
We understand that storage is important but keeping storage in the bathroom to an absolute minimum is a great way to keep the room from becoming cramped. Where storage space is needed in the bathroom, a possible middle ground is to have cabinets/shelving recessed into the walls. Just a few inches can make all the difference.

Keep Contrast Between Textures as Clean as Possible
You’ve chosen which tiles you’d like for the floor and the walls, and you’ve gone for a paint that matches. The job gets finished and you notice that due to the size of the wall tiles, the top ones stop a few inches short of the ceiling – instead of cutting tiles to fit the gap, you’re left with an awkward gap where you have two sharp edges, where the tiles end and where the wall meets the ceiling, instead of just one. Even this slight act of laziness gives the bathroom an unfinished feel. Make sure you specify that you want to the wall tiles taken right to the ceiling. Fewer transitions gives a more expansive feel – rather than your eyes picking up each individual component in the room, everything becomes part a single overall impression.

Utilise natural light
Of course, not all bathrooms have windows, but where they do, it is much nicer to make use of wonderful natural light. Whether you maintain privacy with a textured window or with a translucent shade, natural light is the best way to brighten your bathroom. If you have a sloped roof, a skylight is absolutely ideal. Then you don’t have to worry about your privacy being in jeopardy, while being able to maximise the amount of natural light available. Have a mirror placed opposite the window to magnify the amount of natural light, giving the impression of two windows!

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